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L. Florence

If i can imagine it, Kerstin can paint it. Her landscapes hang in my home and serve to vividly remind me of cherished places.

J. & L. Wilson

Kerstin did a beautiful painting of our dog who is no longer with us. We treasure the painting done by a beautiful person. Thank you, Kerstin!

S. DeLeon

Her art is beautifully realistic.

J. Lemelin

We have multiple creations from Kerstin, we love them all!

N. Seeley

I love the beautiful drawing of Andy reading to our great grandchildren, done by Kerstin Fletcher!

C. Holtshousen

Your art is hanging on my wall already! We absolutely love them all. 

J. Lee

Kerstin is an amazing artist and captures life and light and moments so beautifully. I have one of her pieces on my wall and it’s definitely my favorite art piece that I own. I love her work and I love the person she is.

J. Hunt

I have been friends with Kerstin for over 25 years and have enjoyed watching her blossom into the accomplished artist she is today. There is a gentle innocence to her art. She faithfully captures the outer and inner essence of her subjects, be they nature or people, while at the same time infusing each piece with her own unique style.


Kerstin's creativity is grounded in her deep faith. Her response to losing her house and most of her artwork in the Santa Rosa fire has been inspiring. When I learned one of her remaining paintings was for sale, I asked if she would put it on layaway for me. She graciously agreed. In the end, it took about a quarter of the time I thought it would to reach the goal. So if your family's budget doesn’t include a line for “Art”, don’t give up! There still might be a way to make it happen.


I am a reluctant resident of a colder clime, but by enjoying Kerstin's art over my mantle, I can visit California (in my mind) as often as I like.


All of her work is unique, inspiring and comforting . I find myself looking at them and smiling as they bring to mind memories of my childhood or thoughts of a warm sunny day and a reminder of the treats around us everyday in nature that she has captured so well. They make me feel good and enjoy a moment of escape , a smile inside or share with friends.


I hope she keeps the creativity juices flowing as she has an amazing talent in bringing imagery and emotion to the canvas ! 


I am also proud to know such an accomplished artist !

K. McCarthy

Love it! You captured it perfectly and made it alive ! Thank you!

E. Olah

I love this composition of "the oak," full of twists and turns. I especially love the negative spaces!

E. Sulonen

I absolutely love her art! She has done over a dozen pieces for me, my family and my friends. She has just a talent and an eye for details. She has an amazing way to capture each special details. I 100% recommend her!

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